App Review: Headspace

“Treat your Head Right” declares the slogan of Headspace. Headspace is an app that strives to make meditation simple. The app format allows users to learn whenever and wherever, as long as there is internet access. Each meditation is only 10 minutes long – so it’s easy to squeeze into the morning, afternoon, or evening.


-Great for beginners! Easy to follow, straightforward instructions, and short length.

-First 10 meditation tracks are free – a simple introduction to meditation.

-The general consensus of online reviews is that the narrator’s (Andy’s) voice is soothing. I agree.


-For more than the initial package of 10 meditations, a subscription is required, which costs $95.88 for 1 year.

-If you are an long-time meditator and would prefer background noise as opposed to guided meditation, this app is not for you.

Overall, if you are interested in getting into meditation or just beginning, it doesn’t hurt to download Headspace.


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