My trials with tri

Last year, I began training for my first triathlon. I had previously been a perpetually injured runner, and was hoping to change my ways by making my new sport a series of cross training. My first swim practice in literally years was half a mile of open water swimming. I somehow survived, and it didn’t make me give up on tri-ing! The gorgeous cool down sunset made it all worth it.

Photo by Lucinda Peng.
Photo by Lucinda Peng.

After that, everything went into snowball effect, and I ended up finishing two races, a sprint and an olympic, in two weekends. I was so excited to race at nationals, but, as usual, injury hit, and I was boot-ridden for 3 months. Injuries really suck, and are probably one of the hardest things about loving endurance sports. It’s just like being in a relationship… a really long-term one, where there are many fights, but nothing is sweeter than the reunion. I’ve just started running again, and bought my first road bike today! I was so excited that I raced up East Rock in jean shorts, not a sports bra, and no water, but the beautiful feeling of freedom was so overwhelming that none of this mattered. It was a glorious afternoon, and my return to exercise and this wonderful park made all my worries fade away to nothing.

Photo by Lucinda Peng
Photo by Lucinda Peng

Tl;dr: try adding some cardio to your exercise routine! Especially cardio outside when the weather is nice, it makes the experience that much more enjoyable. If running is too hard, a run/walk or slow bike ride is totally do-able! a short hike in the woods can do wonders for your spirits too 🙂

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