What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger: Abs edition

My sister used to be a gymnast, and still has very defined abs… My dad has had a six-pack since college (he’s in his 50’s now and they haven’t disappeared!) Sometimes I wonder why I couldn’t have gotten the “genetic” six-pack that seems to run in my family. I thought I had strong abs, until this summer when my sister gave me a killer abs workout that made me seriously reconsider my definition of “strong abs”. I dare you to try.

30 V ups

Video by Runtastic Fitness.

30 tuck ups

Video by PowerMonkeyFitness.

1 minute of hollow hold

Video by eHowSports.

30 sit ups
30 leg lifts (raises in the video)

Video by Livestrong.com

30 russian twists

Video by Livestrong.com

Didn’t think that was enough? Yeah, neither did she… after a minute of rest, do the whole thing again, 2 more times.

For those of you a little intimidated by this herculean abs routine, try cutting the number of reps to 10 or 20, or do only one set. Whatever you choose, do something! It’ll be better than nothing 🙂 and remember, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

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